How Does It Work For You?
For Freelancers
For Working Professionals
Payment Guarantee, Prompt Claim Fulfillment
Associates earn a percentage (%) of profit generated in the successful deals
Active Role
Play an active role in buying or selling modes and be involved in all communications. In active role you will be responsible for dealing from front with buyers or sellers.
Passive Role
Select passive role for the deals where you do not want to play an active role. In passive role, you will not be dealing with buyers/sellers, but you can track deal in WorldRef app.
Earning in Referral Modal for Associates
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Your Smart Deal Assistant
Instantly Start Participating in International Trade
Refer deals, buyers or sellers from your industry and territory. AI powered deal matching your procurement preferences. Smart targeted leads with trade analysis for companies around you. Complete marketing and technical support by WorldRef.
End to end Support
WorldRef team works with you to convert your referrals into business. Documentation, order fulfilment, payment collection, and disbursal is responsibility of WorldRef. Your risk is Zero. Your share in deal profit upto 80%!
Simple and Easy Deal Management on WorldRef App
Track updates and documents related to your deals. View all related delas to your buyers and sellers. Inbuilt message center allows you to instantly connect with the Deal Manager. Complete peace of mind with super easy payment claim process.
How Does It Work For You
Refer Buyers As Well As Sellers Because Your Network Has Both. Switch Roles With A Tap
  • Selling with WorldRef
  • Buying with WorldRef
Select Selling or Buying mode to view how it works.
Refer deals or buyers from your network
Refer deal and help us get RFQ from the buyer. Or you can simply refer buyers, we will generate enquiries from them.
Get competitive quotations sourced from verified sellers
We will get you and referred buyer the most competitive quotations, consolidated from multiple verified sellers.
Close the Deal, Together
Help us get the Purchase Order from buyer if you are dealing in Active Mode. For Passive Role, just watch the action unfold while we get the order.
Transparent Tracking, Dedicated Deal Managers
Our Deal Managers are available 24/7 for instant support. Track all deal developments on the app along with back-up documents.
one click claim for all successful deals
As soon as payment is received from the buyer for a particular invoice, you can claim your success fee with a single button.
Set Preferences, Get Matching Deals
Tell us your expertise and preferred products, industries and territories. WorldRef AI will deliver the deals matching with your preferences.
Refer Sellers passively, or submit quotations actively
You can refer sellers in passive mode, or play an active role by getting competitive offers from sellers and submitting on the app
Help negotiate with sellers & close order
Help us close the order with sellers in the most competitive rates and favorable terms
Order delivery and warranty fulfillment
WorldRef will handle end-to-end delivery of the order and provide services related to equipment warranty
Assured Payments
Get assured payment on pro-rata basis. WorldRef will be responsible for collecting the payments, and making payments promptly.
Meet Our Happy Users
Success Stories
How I earned $ 120,000 last year!
I have been working in the power sector for 15 years and I am blessed with a huge network in this industry.
In 2021, I had to quit my job due to Covid and during that time I came across the WorldRef Associate platform
I joined WorldRef and referred some deals, also referred some buyers and sellers. In the first year, we converted deals totalling $1.5 million.
And I ended up making $120k myself. That's double the amount I was making in my last job. And you know the sweet spot? The payments. The payments come like clockwork. No delays, no excuses, completely secure.
Agus Prasetyo, Jakarta - Indonesia
Join Agus & Start Earning
Stress Free Financial Freedom
Think Business, Forget Stress
Only The Genuine Deals And Stakeholders
Your time is precious, we make sure you don’t have to waste any of it with fraud businesses or the deals which don’t go anywhere. Entire tracking in your hand and dedicated deal managers ensure that you never wonder, “What’s going on!”
100% Payment Security, 100% transparency
Single click claim process for successful deals is backed by 100% on time disbursal track record within 3 working days. The payments are pro-rata, which means you will receive your share of success fee immediately upon payment by the buyer.
Non Disclosure, Complete Confidentiality
Operate with complete peace of mind knowing that your interactions on WorldRef are completely confidential protected by non-disclosure terms and conditions.
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Your Own Global Industrial
350+ Strong Global Sales And Sourcing Network
Prompt Responses, Timely Deliveries
Dedicated Deal Managers For End To End Support
Online Order Tracking And Shipment Tracking
1 Million+ Industrial Products & Services
Empowering You, Wherever You Are
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$ 3.5 billion
Delighting Buyers Across The Globe
Consolidated buying from a single marketplace which is delivered in a flash yet its economical, has proven to be an indispensable value addition for industrial buyers.
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As Selling Associate, you will be responsible for managing the buyers. Generating enquiries, submitting offers, attending meetings, and closing the sale with the buyers. Basically, you don't have to worry about managing sellers and getting genuine, competitive offers. Sell more, earn more.

There will be two types of payouts to the Associates. Payment against services provided shall be made within 2 weeks of your invoice/claim as per terms of engagement for that particular service. Payment for the Success Fee shall be on a pro-rata basis. As WorldRef receives the payment, you can claim the same and it will be promptly paid through secure payment channels.

We have created a platform where industry experts can utilise their experience, knowledge, network, and geographical location to be a part of the global supply chain. Sure you can work as our Associate while working full time, as long as the assignments you choose to work on are not violating any agreement you might have with your organisation.

WorldRef Associate platform enables everybody, be it an individual or a company, to generate business by utilising their existing knowledge and relationships. With complete support provided by WorldRef, you don't have to worry about anything else, just start dealing!

As Buying Associate, you will be responsible for managing the Suppliers. Bringing new suppliers on-board, sending them enquiries, collecting offers, negotiating and closing the order with the Seller partners. Sell more, earn more.

Anybody can be a WorldRef associate. Individuals and companies, both are growing with us as Associates.

As a Selling Associate, you can expand your offering portfolio to infinity with WorldRef by your side. The opportunity lies in selling all the products a business is buying, rather than selling 1 or 2 products. All this, with no extra cost or effort. The same relationships will fetch you more business.

All dealings on WorldRef are protected by Non-Disclosure terms and conditions. Your data and other information are 100% secure on WorldRef.

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